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 New Rules?

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PostSubject: New Rules?   Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:28 pm

Original Poster: fogrizzle
Are there any rules you would like to see implemented into the guild?

If so, please post your views HERE!


Reply: Iceweed
No stealing other people's personalized avatars!

A personalized avatar is an avatar made specifically for a single player. (You can usually tell if they have a player's name on it.)

A player probably paid for the avatar, so by you taking it, you are being a lazy thief.

You can't just take their name off it and call it yours!

This applies to guild avatars as well!


Reply: Sinho6
Here's another that would make my job that much easier.

- If you request any item or set, and your post is still there on the requests forums, and you still need it, when you go offline, clear your backpack! I hate trying to equip people and getting the message "Target player does not have enough room to store an additional 1 item(s)."


Reply: Seph003
Don't bash other guild members in guild chat. We have all had those days where people get to you and you start to get irritated and you call them out in Guild Chat. Stop this, if someone is getting to you send them a message and ask them to stop spamming chat, requesting gear, using group attacks incorrectly, and so on. It really isn't fair to throw someone to the wolves, so to speak, for getting on your nerves, especially if there new to the guild. Ripping someone a new one in guild chat just isn't right, and you know if your the one being called out (being bashed in guild chat) you wouldn't like it. I beleive something along these lines are specified under "Basic Rules" stating "No arguing or defaming each other" but i think this needs to be specified a little more.


Reply: Sinho6
1) Please don't say "I NEED something..." because that's a lie. "I want..." or "I would like to request..." sounds so much better.

2) Please don't request 2 sets at once unless they go together, like Khale and Thonomoths.

3) Please use correct spelling and grammar when requesting. It only takes 30 seconds to quickly read over it for grammar and do a spell check and it would save me the hassle of decoding it.


Reply: Melker04
Seph sent out a mass message but I wanted it in here as well. If you fill up the guild store you are de-ranked to flea tipper for a week. If you do it again you are going to meet the end of a boot! I think we are all sick of the yelling, mass messages, and everything else. 1st time = de-ranked, 2nd time = kicked from guild. Done!
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New Rules?
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