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 Special Ranks

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PostSubject: Special Ranks   Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:36 pm

Original Poster: fogrizzle
These are the names of the new ranks, the members who hold these ranks and the jobs they entail..

Udderly Fabulous LEVELER OF THE WEEK - Your name here
Each week, we will figure out who has increased by the most levels for the week. That person will sit near the top of the ranks for one full week. In the case of a tie, XPC gained will be the tie-breaker. No member with a guild job may hold the title, unless willing to give up their position as a guild officer. Winner will be awarded one FSP by the guild founder, two if more than 25 levels were achieved. Please understand that the lower level members have a decided advantage. This rank is meant to give them a goal to compete for.

THCT Stockyard Manager (GS Mgr) - Sinho6
Jobs will include making sure that the last slot is open for group
attacks, there is no junk in the GS (ie. useless common items) and remove, send or destroy them. Help utilize BP slots that members volunteer for guild storage. Recall and redeploy items/sets to active members, that have been idle on MCD or ROOT members. Ensure higher grade sets are being used as sets, rather than dispersed around the guild, when needed. Re-equip members returning from ROOT or MCD. Make sure our members aren't using the same gear beyond it's usefulness for their level.

THCT Stockyard Assistant (GS AstMgr) - lifetaker9
Jobs will include making sure that the last slot is open for group
attacks, note items to the GS Mgr that aren't needed, help us make sure our members aren't using the same gear beyond it's usefulness for their level, re-equip members returning from ROOT or MCD and maintain the guild armory wiki page. Manage the guild's "Leveler of the Week". Every Saturday, it will be necessary to note everyone's level. The following week, the person who has achieved the most levels will be awarded the prestigious position, lol, near the top of the guild. In case of a tie, CXP gained during that week will be the tie-breaker. Must be able to log on every Saturday to pull the proper data.

THCT Guild Sheppard (Mentor) - Federicus
Jobs include training our new recruits, promote them up the ranks
when they achieve each milestone and work with the GS manager to get our recruits equipped once they have proven they are going to last.

THCT Sheppards Dog (Asst Mentor) - not currently in use
Assistants to the Drill Sergeant. As our guild continues to grow, we will have more raw recruits to get up to speed. This will give us better around-the-clock coverage for our people to ask questions, get equipment, and be given direction when they seem to stray.

THCT Guild Herder (Recruiter) - Melker, Iceweed
Recruit active players who are not currently in a guild. If they are at a very low level,
make sure they have only been playing a couple days and have figured out how to somewhat equip themselves. Will also need to keep an eye on the WoS, so we don't bring in a troublemaker, beggar or guild thief.

THCT Guild Egg Basket (Treasurer) - not currently in use
Collect gold donations from members for large deposits and make those deposits a few times daily (requires having more than one deposit per day upgrade). Directly contribute opinions on upgrades and new structures with GBC. This rank will allow members to deposit to their own banks accounts daily and still be able to donate tp the guild, if they choose to.

THCT Guild Bean Counter (Accountant) - Navorn
Keep a record and monitor the gold coming in vs the upkeep costs of our structures. Make recommendations for upgrades and new structures, when we have a surplus of gold. Keep open communication with GEB on upgrades and new structures.
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Special Ranks
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