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 Rank Structure

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PostSubject: Rank Structure   Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:37 pm

Original Poster: fogrizzle
These are the exp requirements to get to each rank in the guild. At the end of each is a an activity set-up. The first number is the number of days since you logged in last. This will get you put under the "Mad Cow Desease" or "MCD" rank. The second number is where we decide what action to take. "Kicked" is "Kicked" :p "Retired" means that you are not kicked, but set to "Resting under the Old Oak Tree" or "ROOT" rank. Again, if you are going to be away for a while, just let us know. Vacations happen and are needed to keep your sanity. Just tell us. Cheers and enjoy

0-1k - Flea Tipper 3/5 days/kick
1k-5k - Tick Tipper 3/7 days/kick
5-20k - Mouse Tipper 5/10 days/kick
20-50k - Cat Tipper 10/12 days/kick
50-200k - Dog Tipper 10/15 days/kick
200-500k - Goat Tipper 10/20 days/kick
500k-2M - Calf Tipper 15/20 days/retire
2-5M - Hunted Cow Tipper 20 days/inactive/retire
5-10M - Bull Tipper inactive/retire
10M - personalized rank (this means you get a rank name of your choice) inactive/retire
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Rank Structure
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