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 List of Items to Get Rid of

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PostSubject: List of Items to Get Rid of   Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:02 pm

Original Poster: Sinho6
Requested by TheSlope

Parentheses is the reason why.

- non-forged Exquisite Elven Shield (its stats are common, and easy to find and the set stinks for hunting)
- Inferno Rune (its worth is only 4 levels until Decay anyways, and Darklore is better.)

If you want, I can add tons more items that I think can be removed. However, those things I believe are absolutely not needed


This is the 2nd list of items to get rid of IF WE NEED MORE SPACE.

#1 > 1 Nomad Bone Necklace (no forges) and 1 Nomad Massive Scimitar (good) >> There are only 2 Nomad shields to compliment the Nomad necklaces and scimitars, so extra scimitars and necklaces aren't worth the space to keep around anyways. (If we REALLY need space, I don't see why we can't get rid of every single Nomad item except the Nomad Bone Necklace forge 1, Nomad Massive Scimitar average forge 5, and the perfect Nomad Massive Scimitar.) The whole set is approximately 10,000 gold worth.

#2 > Reptilian Gloves >> These are crafted Very Poor, and they are pretty good, but at this level people are usually wearing either Plague (includes gloves), Fire Dragon (includes gloves), or Girath (also includes gloves). These things are also common, and on the Auction House, I saw some go for around 10,000 gold, which at that level isn't too much.

#3 > 2 Amulet of Zhann (average) >> We only have one helmet anyways, so we can't make more than 1 full set. These aren't crafted Very Good or above, so I don't think we absolutely need this. It costs around 12,000 gold, and at that level it's still not too much.

#4 > Flamed Boots >> These have no craft, and no forge, and are worth about 20,000 gold on the Auction House. I think these can also go if we need space.

#5 > Amulet of Yeltz (average) >> If we need to clear space, this would be the last to go, it's a bit pricy at around 45,000 gold. I suggest this because I always see like 3 or 4 Amulet of Yeltz in TheSlope's backpack. The Yeltz set in general is kinda not used too much because at level 50, lots of people get Lesser Santork or Golden Cockatrice, and those who don't use Yeltz for like 5 levels until Thonomoths or 10 levels until Henz.

#6 > Rune of Kraken >> This has no forges at all, and you can buy it for 30,000 at the Auction House. Overall, just not needed.

I'm only gonna put up lists of 6 at a time, and when the list runs dry I can create a new list. That's pretty much all that can be taken out in times of storage needs.
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List of Items to Get Rid of
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