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 Level 140-150 needs

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PostSubject: Level 140-150 needs   Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:08 pm

Original Poster: Navorn
I was just like you. Honestly. I was cruisin along, leveling at least twice a day, 1-hittin creatures like they were red-headed stepchildren. And no way was that gonna stop, because I felt invincible. Who cares if the people crazy levels ahead of me said that there were problems in the 140's...BAH! That ain't gonna happen to me.

And then I encountered my first Plague Victim. And I saw them Blood Mercury Fiends on the horizon. And a swarm of Giant Grintz Bees just hovering beyond them. That's when I looked at myself and said, "****. I can't do that much damage right now."

So I mentioned in chat, because I remembered TS saying something about this problem and us hunting down equiptment. And then I went looking for what I needed. Namely: Drake Armor, Lesser Santork Claws, Jahd Ring, Boots of Queal. When I put these items together with the Baron Set, Decay rune and the remaining Mancrush items, I had the stats I was looking for.

Or did I? I got killed by the Bees, and then later by Giant Orb Spiders simply because from time to time you miss, and the armor with those offensive numbers isn't enough. That being said, buffs can go a long way to help with the numbers, including: Fury, Berserk, Dark Curse, Wither, and Shatter Armor.

Fed recently made a Mass post regarding the recalling of equipped items, and all of the above is partially in response to that. We only have a few of those items I mentioned: 3 claws, 2 drakes and 1 Jahd. There are lots of people that are either now in that range, or will be at some point, and IMO it doesn't make sense to leave an item equipped on someone if they're out of stam and offline. The item MUST be returned afterwards, and the worst case scenario is that a PvP loss is suffered due to the lack of equippage. In the event the original item cannot be returned due to lack of an open BP slot, a PM should be sent, informing the player to have it recalled when they next login. There are always people around who can do this.

Fed did mention that if an agreement is reached then the problem is solved. This is very true. I'm pretty recall happy myself (because of my tourney obsession) but I never recall items from online players without asking first, and I always return upon completion (or a PM in the BP scenario above). And by now I've been in touch with the people I take from, or share with. Even so, the best case solution would be to obtain more of these situation specific items, and in this case there's the added bonus that the items have longevity and worth outside the specific situation.

Unfortunately, only 1 of the aforementioned items is easily obtained, and there's even a back-up which can be obtained far earlier.

Boots of Queal have the most damage for boots at their level (I think it's 146), but the Boots of Umah are only a smidgeon less in damage and can be equipped by level 130. More importantly, if you hunt in Werzel Island South at level 130, the store is on that map (Reknar Supplies). BUY THESE BOOTS If you can't afford them at the time, don't have a BP slot, or are just being stubborn, you can then wait until Appela Mountains North at level 144 and buy the Queal Boots in Mynad's Armory.

Be proactive and support yourself. BUY one of these boots, they are a must have! In addition, should you be shopping around in the AH, or considering upgrading some existing Guild items...consider spending on the above mentioned items instead (should the costs be similar). The more people we can equip, the more effective we all become.
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Level 140-150 needs
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