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 Help us recruit!

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PostSubject: Help us recruit!   Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:12 pm

Original Poster: Iceweed
As the title says, help us recruit here!

Here's what you do:

1. Find someone that you think we should recruit.

2. Make another thread with that recruits name as a subject.

3. Put in you post the recruit's name, level, a link to their profile, and (optional)why you think they should be in THCT.

4. State if they are a FRIEND of yours.

Good luck!


This next post is to my fellow herders aka "Melk"

Basically I just wanted to say, that if one of us passes judgement on a player, the other herder can overrule. Then, we we'll have a mini-arguement until we agree. If we can't agree, we have two choice:

1) Let the founders decide

2) Let the guild decide

~ Ice



I look at every day, always have it open when I recruit, and cross-check it with guild members every now and then.

If a person is on the WoS, I know about.

I also keep tabs on the original WoS by SpookyImp, even though it is obsolete.

So, don't worry about if they are on WoS when posting.

Trust me. If they are on the Wall, I'll know about it.
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Help us recruit!
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