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 Level 110 and the struggle between Attack and Damage

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PostSubject: Level 110 and the struggle between Attack and Damage   Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:40 pm

Original Poster: Navorn
My Fellow Tippers, I’m happy to announce that I have technically solved the crisis of level 110, i.e. being able to 1-hit both Mushcaria Beasts and Dwarven Woodsmen wearing the same gear. For those of you unfamiliar with this crisis, a quick stat-check of the aforementioned creatures reveals required combat stats of: 648/1383. This is extremely difficult to accomplish while wearing your everyday Deep Set—the Set of choice from 80 to ? Do the math (I have, trust me ) and you’ll see for yourself. However, I’ve come up with an alternative.

Everyone is stuck on sets; they look flashy, they have nice enhancement boosts, but truthfully the whole is not equal to the sum of its parts. I present to you the solution in two forms: actual, and virtual. The actual will be based on current Guild Structure numbers, and items currently in the Guild. The Virtual will demonstrate the numbers in a FF/Perfect situation.


FF Khale Set (ring, amulet):
FF/Perfect Shield of Henz
FF/Ex Rune of Decay
4F/Perfect Helmet of Decay
2F/Perfect Golden Panther Armor
Boots of Almar
FF/Ex Lesser Santork Claws
FF/Ex Hammer of the Deep

Total Attack/Damage: 625/1255
Total Attack/Damage including personal damage and Guild Structures: 657/1502

WOW! Since most of those are either FF/P or close to it, I won’t provide the Virtual list here. Instead, here is the Best Case Scenario for a FF/P Deep Set, with the other pieces being the same as above, but also FF/P where applicable. Addtionally, it also assumes Max Battle Totem and Weaponsmith.

Total Attack/Damage including personal damage and Guild Structures:766/1443

Let me assure you that an attack of 657 is enough to hit all the creatures you’ll be hunting well into level 130 (not counting elites and some champions), with the exception of 1-2 creatures (Dark Tree at Lvl 117, ask TS about that one lol) that after careful consideration should be avoided rather than 2-hit. Not to mention the relatively outrageous costs of the FF items in the Virtual Set.

I know that just because all these pieces are available to us doesn’t mean someone can easily assemble this suit to wear, but who would’ve thunk it?
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Level 110 and the struggle between Attack and Damage
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