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 When We joined THCT

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PostSubject: When We joined THCT   Wed Sep 24, 2008 5:42 pm

Original Poster: lifetaker9
Talk bout when u started FS


Reply: lifetaker9
when i first joined this guild i was just looking for a place to go. but now i love this family almost as much as the game its self actually i love this guild more. i hope that the differences can be set aside and we can shine as one


Reply: TheSlope
When I first joined this guild, I was sorely disappointed with the total lack of structures and gold. There were no members and and no rules. It was a great void. As I walked blindly across this barren, black wasteland, I bumped into something large and hairy. I wasn't really sure what it was, but I new it shouldn't be upright. So, after pondering this issue for a few moments, I tipped the stink. And the rest is history, present and future


Reply: PellEll
When I first joined this game, I thought it was only going to be for a short time, like most of the others I have tried. Until on day out wondering around, I get this guild invite form Melk, inviting me to THCT. I was looking at other guilds but I was not high enough in levels. So I joined and requested that two other friends of mine join. We are all part of this guild now. I am having more fun with this guild than I thought I would ever have. I DO NOT want to see this guild become anything else but a family, and fun is first. This makes me feel like a kid again. Just my thought and I hope I do not offend anyone. Have a awesome day.


Reply: Silverwun
When I first joined, I had no idea what I was doing. I had no experience with any game like this before. A friend had told me about games like this and it sounded like an interesting way to kill some time. I stumbled around a bit at first, then Melker invited me to join the guild. Since then, I still know very little:), but I'm learning and having fun. What makes the Hunted Cow Tippers unique is our guild founders and officers, and how they set this whole thing up - with the focus on fun, family, and developing friendships.

"MOOOO?" asked the cow after being tipped.

"Cause you messed with the wrong Herd".


Reply: seph003
As usuall, i was supposed to be working but was bored. So i opened my firefox and searched for browser based rpg games and this was one of the first on the list so i said WTF why not try it then some noobish nonfactor attacked me so i bountied him then he said "you should join our guild", even bigger so here me is


Reply: Sinho6
Saw an advertisement, clicked on it, and figured a few things out, no tutorials here. I killed Rats, Natives, and whatnot, until around level 4 still bumbling around the first realm, I found the forums. There I learned most of what I know, and posted in a game... send the person above you something. I sent the person above me a generous gift of 1 FSP, and fogrizzle gave me a generous gift of an invitation.

Once I learned what to do and where to hunt, it was a race against SWATpanda for level 20.


On how I got my job...

around level 30, I became immensely interested in the Wiki. I saw other guild pages, and I looked for ours, but couldn't find it. I asked around, and I got the general idea that fogrizzle was going to make it. After waiting a few days, I grew impatient and created it myself. I added a small history, rules, ranks, and a list of gear. It wasn't that good at all, it was before the handy chart, it was before the Hide function. It wasn't as big though, so that was good. I got some nice compliments for making it. I slowly improved it, updating the weapons and rules and everything else. One day, TS asked if I would do a guild job. I said yes, and he ranked me Stockyard Hand. I had no idea what to do, until TS sent a mass about it...

and then contempt suddenly disappeared and I became Manager. >.<

On the wiki page... well... let's just say I improved it, especially the gear section.


Reply: Iceweed
Saw an ad on some random page that I don't remember. I just finished my 8th grade year and was bored to death, so i figured "What the heck?" I looked over the game and, due to some very unfortunate timing, had to leave to do some family chores. I eventually came back joined and immediately got the gist of the game. It was fun, non-time consuming and perfect for me.

I eventually figured that I should join a guild. Unfortunately, I still didn't get the whole "inactive" thing and I tried to join a bunch of guilds that weren't gonna accept me anytime soon.

At about level 7 I got an invitation from my predecessor, Keough03. Of course, I joined instantly. I quickly discovered that I had made the right choice(although i didn't have many choices ). I rose through the ranks fairly quickly, but when I was a dog tipper it was announced that Keough wouldn't be able to play much anymore. Not wanting the guild to suffer from lack of recruits I offered myself up as a replacement, and was accepted.


Reply; projectd
When i first joined..hmm..can't seem to remember clearly, beside trying to always get fsp rewards. :p

Also thct was my first guild


Reply: Federicus
Well, my history with the guild is this:

i was really, really bored with the game (at first i didn´t like it to much, let´s be honest ANYONE can have fun killing rats and natives ), when suddenly i read a MSG at the FSBox that a new guild was looking for new members (i think that was the only time that the guild use the FSBox to recluit members) so i send a msg to TS applying for the Guild:

We were no more that 10-15 members: Ts, Fog, Fizz, Stone, Thunder, Todaykills and MIHNEAVOIC. The other were, like me; the new recluiters... i was the only one who pass the level up period of that group


Reply: datum
ot invitation from Melk....
Wondering should i join or not...
Read Melk's profile... then a little bit interested...
Read Ice's profile... even more interested...
Get a little bit bored doing some quests...
Then i realized i have guild invitation...
i accepted it...
and never regret it

btw, tribute to sku1slicer (i believe this is the one who randomly hit Seph LOL ) , feltin, and soltari... 3 tippers who become my rival at that time and now MIA...


Reply: thet52
When i joined i didint now anything about the gsame i didint no whats was so good about buffs i had no idea whatt guilds were and wat were so great aboutthem then i intered and started 1 hiting and earlyer i was lucky to survive a fight lol i was probaly the worts fs player ever before i joined the thct
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When We joined THCT
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