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 Useful Common Items

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PostSubject: Useful Common Items   Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:37 pm

With the switch to def hunting comes far greater use of common items and, in particular, items bought from shops.

I've been speaking with TS about this for a few days and between us we've tagged a few of these but I'm a little uncomfortable tagging these basic items. Especially one's you can get cheap on AH. I've used quite a few of these so far, mostly unforged as well.

I'm gonna list my untagged stock here, let me know if I should tag or just send it to you.

Armor of Camrel
Armor of Drikal
Armor of Lenyar
Boots of Helghmar
Boots of Pelacroz - tagged
Boots of Resigal
Boots of Tokal
Gloves of Anduin
Gloves of Fanela
Greater Shield of Almar
Helmet of Creepa
Helmet of Grentla - tagged
Helmet of Purchal
Helmet of Storale - plentiful in AH
Rune of Helgmah
Shield of Carrek
Shield of Kozes - tagged
Shield of Trazio
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Useful Common Items
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