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 Shrine of the Fallen

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PostSubject: Shrine of the Fallen   Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:03 am

It is hard to decide who, within our inactive members and non members alike, are worth listing in the shrine. It is true that we have had many people come and go, but who really had an impact on the guild and and and impact on it's members? Here I will aim to list those who truly made an impact, big or small. This, is the Shrine Of The Fallen!
(Click the name of the player to view players profile page)

Players that held guild jobs:
He was the original guild store manager of the guild and a darn good one at that. He, along side Sinho6, managed to keep the guild store and all it's items in perfect order. He was a regular in the guild chat with his own brand of cynical humour that kept me in stitches. He was one of the old members of the guild that was there from the early days and had an unflinching loyalty to us. No-one really knows where he went, he just stopped playing less and less until he became inactive one day. He still occasionally logs in every few months, but never stops to chat. Crying or Very sad
~Written by Fog.

He owes me a round!
~Written by Melker.

Keough was our first guild recruiter who recruited many players that are now considered core members of the guild. He was a close friend of mine with whom I chatted with each day. He was another member that frequented the guild chat and not being a native English speaker, we helped him improve his English words and phrases until he was much better. He was kicked to make guild space but still bears the name of the guild in his avatar along with his recruitng message in his bio that helped recruit so many players. His real life got in the way of gaming until he officialy annonced his retirement, he is another player that will be sorely missed.
~Written by Fog.

Fog was our beloved guild CoFounder. He was with the guild from the VERY beginning, and contributed more than I could every hope to. Without him, I dare say THCT would not have been the same. Where TheSlope was a bit more relaxed, fogrizzle was a bit more strict, helping maintain the guild order. He was super loyal to the guild, donating every penny he ever had to the guild. Everything he did, he did it for the guild. He made AMAZING avatars for a ton of people. The great FogZilla of THCT helped spread our fame in the forums. One day, he left the guild. He jumped around a couple of guilds before finally being guildless. Even then, he proclaimed himself as FogZilla of THCT. He loved helping out guild mates, no matter how, including buffs, 100 stamming noobs, or simply as a nice person to talk to. Even as he was outside of THCT, he still logs on to chat everyday. His in-game account is terminated, so you have to talk to him through the THCT forums. I really miss him Sad
~Written by Sinho6

hmmm where to start? My wee Scottish lad! I do so miss his chats. He is my Fogzilla aswell as my Foggy! He had helped me with so much in-game as well as a project outside the game! The best 15 yr. old speller I know. And one last time <Streaks through Foggy's PM box>!!!!
~Written by Melker.

Normal players not to be forgotten:
Though not entirely retired, Thunder still requires an honourable mention because he will soon be considered 'fallen'. Recruited by either me or Keough (I can never remember) at the tiny level 3, he quickly grew and often took the title of the LEVELLER OF THE WEEK. Another player that I was close with, he was a very funny little guy that never had nothing to say. Nowadays his computer time is cut very short due to his parents wanting to succeed in school, hopefully though he will be able to come back, strong as ever.
~Written by Fog.

Wait for it...wait for it...THUNDER!
~Written by Melker.

Lokontus was never a major player in the guild, he never had a guild job but was still a great player none-the-less. He took the leveller of the week title countless times and was fun to talk to, he was also another player that just..stopped playing. Also still wearing a THCT avie I made for him Very Happy
~Written by Fog.

Maybe not the most well remembered players, AhabKeat was one the of funniest people I can remember, though he was friends with Draikrider, one of the most ANNOYING people I ever knew. I enjoyed trading nonsensical PM's with him and throwing virtual pies in guild chat.
~Written by Fog
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Shrine of the Fallen
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