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 Basic Rules for Guild Members

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PostSubject: Basic Rules for Guild Members   Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:26 pm

Original Poster: TheSlope
***First off, if you are a guild thief, guild buster or guild hopper, don't waste your time even reading this. You will never have access to untag guild items, so you can't run off with them. Nor will you have the privs to demolish structures or withdraw gold.
***Go find some other saps :p



Active pretty much daily, unless you have enough max stamina that your stamina won’t be wasted. If you are going on vacation or can’t log in just send us a note telling why you’re away. Everyone should get vacations. It's good for the sole. Just let us know you are on one, so we don't think you quit. 3 or 4 days at Flea & Mouse Tipper is cause for kick, if not announced by you. Send Fizz,Fed, seph and/or I a PM and we'll assign you to "Resting Under the Old Oak Tree", to remind us. When you return, you go right back to your previous rank. Again, just tell us and you're fine On the other hand, if you don’t tell anyone and get kicked, you probably can’t come back to the guild. That decision will be made on a case by case basis, depending on the circumstances.

Leveling up regularly. (use the maps to maximize your stamina) If you are not leveling up, then you are not using the resources you have available here. You can not fail, or even suffer, at this game with the tools we have put in place for you. Use your guild mates as resources as well. We've been there and done that.

Guild behavior:

Chat language – no cursing or swearing

No arguing, flaming or defaming each other

No begging for gold or FSP (This includes regular requests for "loans")

Do not ask for buffs unless you are at 85% max stamina, so stamina isn’t wasted by the buffer. We all value our stamina.

Always buff yourself with what ever buffs you have, BEFORE asking for buffs from guild mates. Again, they value their stamina too. When asking for buffs, specify the buffs you want.

We hope you will buff your guild mates at lower levels, when they are at an acceptable stamina level, for the good of the guild, but it is not required. If you do buff them, it MUST be for free.

The guild bank is to support and upgrade the guild structures. Do not ask for a loan from the bank, as you will not get it. (Please re-read "begging" rule, if unsure)

No multi accounts. It is cheating and you will get banned by the admins.

Do not use “Groups” to attack common creatures. They are to be used on Elites and Super Elites only, unless killing a Champion is part of a quest and you can’t kill him on your own. This is waste of stamina for everyone in the group.

Do not disband your group simply because the monster is gone, the groups last 24 hours and can easily be used again, when you disband the group, you just wasted everyone in the group's stamina.

Please try not to let your groups expire. If it is about to expire, go find something to kill. If you haven't found an Elite to kill, then you probably should not have formed the group in the first place. Please use common sense before creating the group.

"What if I want to leave and come back?"

If you leave voluntarily, you can't come back. Period.

This encompasses everyone, including officers.

It would be a VERY rare occasion indeed, that we will let anyone return, who voluntarily left. There are a few reasons that we will let a player return, if they were kicked for inactivity. Those will be looked at on a case by case basis.

We can't tell you that the grass is always greenest in THCT, but we can, and will, tell you that we don't want guild hoppers. There is too much lost CXP when you leave and guild levels are based on CXP. You are taking your own risk by leaving.


Store items – no junk (common items) and never fill the last slot. You will be de-ranked for one week, if you fill the last slot!

Take items – use what ever is available in the GS. Do not recall items that another player has equipped (in blue), unless you have an agreement with that player. Feel free to recall un-equipped items (in black).

If you have an unequipped item, even if you aren’t wearing them because of a defensive set, please note that they can be recalled. Please inform your guild that your items shouldn’t be recalled, or must be returned after they are recalled. A note in your bio is a great way to inform your guildmates that you are in a defensive setup and you are using your gear.

Be willing to form item sharing agreements! They are the guild’s items, not yours.

Use sets till they are obsolete at your level, re-equip yourself, and then give them up to someone at a lower level.

If you use gear from the GS for an extended amount of time (IE Raggg, Plague, Fire Dragon, Yeltz, Deep, etc sets), it would be nice if you put a forge or two on an item or crafted it better, as you are saving a ton anyway by not having to buy them yourself. Please help future Gm8z to do well too, for the good of the guild.

Do not pull someone’s group attack drop from the GS, unless they ask you to retrieve it for them. That would be considered stealing.


We prefer not to, unless in retaliation, but bounty is always the best response. If you are attacking people back, it is not the guild’s problem if you get in trouble, though, we will help clear your bounty for you.

Feel free to attack all the “Inactive Account” you want to.

If you get attacked, it is not the guild’s problem, but we will help you get some payback. Wink To help avoid being attacked, do not carry large amounts of gold on hand.

DO NOT attack someone who tries to initiate a guild conflict. Founders will decide when and where we do a GvG conflict and we will specifically target fairly inactive guilds. You will be kicked for accepting a conflict.

Never attack a guildmate! Not even in fun. It is a waste of stamina, time, XP and gold!

Remember, if you attacked someone first, it is not our responsibility to bail you out, though your founders will always try to use political reasoning to solve a problem.

Most importantly.... HAVE FUN! ~TS~>
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Basic Rules for Guild Members
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